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Finishing & Re-finishing

Unlimited Design, Inc. was established to meet the expanding range of furniture reconditioning and restoration demands, with a strong commitment to quality workmanship as our first priority on every project.

Experience and technical training of our team of craftsman, give to Unlimited Design, Inc. the flexibility to handle any type of furniture repair including: hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, residential homes and more can be refinished, upholstered and window treated in any easy way.

We can afford them in-home (shop facilities) or on-site division. Unlimited Design, Inc. can do them right in your building even after hours or on weekends. You can be ready to use your furniture on the next day!

We are available to take on both (residential and commercial) immediate and outgoing repair problems anywhere in Central Florida, as we deliver on site inspections, estimates, and transport, all at no extra charge with competitive pricing and lead-times that any other shop.


Special Finishes

  • Gold and Silver leaf
  • UV Treatment
  • Shellac, polyurethane, lacquer and catalyzed finishes
  • Stain resistant finishes
  • Custom Color matching
  • Custom finishes to meet unique design requirements
  • Custom crackle finishes
  • Custom Distressed finishes (two tones finishes)
  • Glazing (any colors)

Refinishing process includes

  • Stripping, sanding, cleaning, repairing if needed, staining, toning, sealing and final layers of clear coat.
  • Color has to match with the original.
  • UV protection will be used for outside furniture.

    Recondition process includes

  • Light sanding.
  • Cleaning, repairing if need.
  • Staining and final layers.

    Touch-up process Includes

  • Minow filling dent
  • Small gouges, minor crushed corners
  • Water marks or small ring
  • Removing minor scratches and increasing or decreasing lacquer sheen.